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Apparently yesterday’s instalment of Oprah concentrated on psychics and parapyschology. Interviewed on the show were psychic mediums John Edward and Allison Dubois, as well as parapsychology researcher Dr Dean Radin. You can read a rough summary of the various segments of the show at Oprah’s website, as well as view the trailer for the episode. Hopefully the show turns up on YouTube or similar (give me a heads-up, please!) sometime in the future, for those that missed it.

Great to see Dean Radin get some high-level exposure to the general public, and of course to see these topics discussed in a sensible manner without the environment or editing being ‘controlled’ by either the skeptics or mediums themselves. Interestingly, the poll on the Oprah website suggests that an overwhelming number of viewers are convinced of the reality of ‘survival’ or the supernatural – sounds like Randi and the team still have a lot to do in order to win over the general population.

Tying in nicely with this news, I have posted my review of Dean Radin’s Entangled Minds (Amazon US and UK) here on TDG (originally published in Sub Rosa). Definitely a book most TDGers should have on their bookshelf.