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I lick my brain in silence…

  • The Guardian has a new piece on the Condign Report from last year (which suggested ‘plasma’ as an explanation for UFOs).
  • Colossal squid caught off New Zealand.
  • Energy from garbage.
  • Meeting Mr Pratchett, the deity of Discworld.
  • Meet the 5,000-year-old priestess with a golden eye.
  • Medieval Islamic designers created Penrose tiles five hundred years before the modern-day genius developed the concept.
  • New discoveries add to the evidence that Clovis people were not the first to populate North America.
  • Scientists stumble upon one of the world’s oldest cities.
  • America’s dance with the Middle East goes all the way back to the Founding Fathers.
  • Vandals deface Albert Pike Memorial Temple with satanic symbols. Well, the Scottish Rite founder was a Luciferian after all…
  • Chimpanzees found to use spears for hunting lesser mammals. National Geographic has some video. Fascinating to watch.
  • Yesterday I reported about the US Army’s paralysis beam. Put that with their heat-beaming weapon and it sounds like a fun old time doesn’t it…monkeys with spears, a million years on.
  • Five mysteries that will never be solved.
  • While you slumber, your brain puts the world in order.
  • Cloning: where are we, ten years on from Dolly the sheep?
  • Texas man runs up $24 billion electricity bill. A Dubya joke would be too easy…

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Monkey, killing monkey, killing monkey, over pieces of the ground.

TOOL (‘Right in Two’)