News Briefs 08-02-2007

How’s the new Daily Grail working out for you?

  • Nazi Grail hunters: Himmler’s secret quest to locate the Holy Grail.
  • Ghosts find a home in Canada.
  • The garbage dump that is our skies. Good thing we haven’t had rocket science since the time of the Egyptians (please, no arguments), or we wouldn’t be able to see the stars at night anymore.
  • Team envisions exploring Mars with mini probes.
  • UFO(s) over Lake Erie (video)?
  • Maybe it was a few people joy-riding in their advance order X-Hawk fancraft?
  • Court told that HIV deniers are like UFO supporters. Glad to see ufology is held in such high regard.
  • “Global warming, as we know it, does not exist“. Careful there, soon you’ll be compared to UFO supporters.
  • Where have all the real scientists gone? You know the ones, those tough geeks that will jab themselves or swallow all manner of strange things (right Dr Hofmann?).
  • Hi-tech search for prominent computer scientist lost at sea.
  • Poking fun at Newtonian reality: stopped laser pulse reappears a short distance away.
  • Newly discovered skeletons push primates closer to the dinosaur era.
  • Hobbit skeptics split on what a second skull would mean.
  • First American’s arrived recently and settled the Pacific coast. Wonder whether they had to be fingerprinted like the rest of us?
  • The Bible versus science, in the Grand Canyon.
  • Women have played a major role in history – right from the beginning. The Invisible Sex: Uncovering the True Roles of Women in Prehistory is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • Video blogger who recorded vandalism at a G8 conference serves longer in jail than any other journalist for refusing to comply with a subpoena.
  • Woman missing for 25 years, after hopping on the wrong bus.

Quote of the Day:

May God keep us from single vision and Newton’s sleep.

William Blake