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From UFOs to Celebrity Secrets

Respected ufologist Nick Redfern has released a new book, though not on the subjects most know him for – the latest is titled Celebrity Secrets: Official Government Files on the Rich and Famous (Amazon US and UK). While the actual secrets of celebrities doesn’t appeal to me too much, what does interest me is Nick’s investigation into how and why the government collected files on certain individuals – quite an eye-opener for anyone who has a benign view of intelligence agencies and their ability to track someone’s daily life.

The book arose out of Nick’s excellent work tracking down government files on ufology, in previous books such as Bodysnatchers in the Desert and On the Trail of the Saucer Spies. For more information, Nick discusses the background to the new book on his blog at UFO Mystic, and you can also find more details on the book (including a table of contents and an excerpt) at the publisher’s page.

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