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The website for the upcoming documentary Bloodline has news on the artifacts that they discovered during their investigation:

Those representing the Priory of Sion, as well as some members of the Bloodline families, have now confirmed, via a series of emails and telephone conversations, that the items in the chest ; the cup, the anointing jar and the vial are all genuine relics…According to them, the cup and the anointing jar were both used at the wedding of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and passed down by families in the Bloodline for centuries as sacred relics celebrating that royal union.

The Oxford Radio Carbon Laboratory, famous for its dating of the Turin Shroud, has just completed its analysis of the small rolled up parchment that we found in the glass vial.According to their tests, carried out in January 2007, there is a 95.4% probability that the parchment dates from between 1430AD and 1520AD.

The obvious question marks remain over any ‘confirmation’ coming from Priory of Sion sources (for instance, if they know so much about the artifacts, why didn’t they already have them in their possession?). Nevertheless, it’s certainly turning into an interesting episode in the controversial history of Rennes le Chateau and the ‘Priory of Sion’.