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Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena

The LiveScience website currently has a feature on the Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena. Despite leaving a few of the items open, with a little mystery retained, the piece is impressive for its ability to link to articles by writers from Skeptical Inquirer (including Joe Nickell, Benjamin Radford, and Massimo Polidoro). Incredibly, the link from the words ‘ESP’ goes to this piece about James Randi and his deceptions. It perhaps may have made more sense for someone like Dean Radin, who is actually a credentialled scientist who has devoted much time to researching ESP, to be consulted or at least linked to? He would certainly have some thoughts on this statement:

Researchers have tested people who claim to have psychic powers, though the results under controlled scientific conditions have so far been negative or ambiguous.

Throw in the fact that the #1 mystery is the “Taos Hum” (when the mystery of Near Death Experiences gets shunted to #7), and the lack of other seriously interesting topics such as reincarnation research, and you have a pretty amateurish compilation…with the overtones of a CSICOPian media influence.