Thothweb Podcasts

Isis from Thothweb sends word:

We’ve started our own weekly radio show imaginatively called ‘ThothWeb Radio‘, joining forces with internet radio station Phonetic Bells Network. The first show premiered last week and this weeks show has just gone online. If any of TDG’s members write their own music and would like it featuring on the show they just need to send it to us, we’re actually getting a lot of interest from musicians to that regard.

You can listen to each show online or download it as a podcast – the first shows looks at predictions and prophecies for the next twelve months, the mysterious Bray Road Beast and Shadow People. The second show – this week’s, looks at ghosts, orbs and EVPs.

As always, I’ll keep y’all up to date with the latest podcasts from Thothweb in the bi-weekly roundups here on TDG.