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Wired has a new article on James ‘The Amazing’ Randi’s infamous million dollar prize, with news that the ‘open challenge’ will now become a more pro-active, targeted affair:

Randi says he’ll start actively investigating professional mind-readers and mediums for proof of criminal fraud, or opportunities for civil lawsuits. Like Elliot Ness stalking Al Capone, he’s not above busting a psychic for tangential infractions like tax code violations or an SEC matter.

At the same time, the foundation will choose six to eight high-profile targets each year, meticulously outline their claims, and then call them out one-by-one.

It seems that no longer will standard issue ‘woo-woos’ be allowed to apply – instead, only certain people will be targeted with direct challenges, beginning on April 1st with Uri Geller (of course), Sylvia Browne, John Edward and James Van Praagh. There are more details in the latest JREF newsletter.