A Dream I had This January 17th

Welcome fellow traveller of the unknown, I’m here to deliver you from the mire. This January 17th, you would probably like to visit Andy Gough’s Arcadia site to see the new 17 Questions interview with the producers of the controversial and anticipated Bloodline documentary. Then, you’ll probably enjoy sauntering across to the Société Périllos website, to read through their new essay, “John 23 and the Enigma of Bérenger Saunière“. No doubt you’ll grin at the irony that Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh are back in court today appealing the decision in their Da Vinci copyright court case. And if your thirst remains unquenched, perhaps drink of the Rennes essence news feed?

Hope you enjoyed following the cyber-thread of Ariadne on this auspicious date. Good comes to him that does good.