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Over the past week, filmmaker Paul Kimball has been uploading video segments from some of his UFO documentaries to Google video, and embedding them within his blog “The Other Side of Truth“. You’ll find commentary from some of the most respected researchers in ufology, including Stanton Friedman discussing hoaxers and frauds, Kevin Randle on debunkers vs skeptics, and the late Karl Pflock on numerous aspects of UFO history. In contrast to the usual UFO docos, there’s no hype here – just intelligent, thoughtful commentary. Easiest just to go to the blog and scroll through the entries (for latecomers, look in the blog archive under December 2006) – you may have to skip a few music videos in the process though. Kudos to Paul (who from the music videos, is obviously a teenager of the 80s) for sharing these with the community.