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All I want for Xmas is to get over this flu…

  • Nobel Prize-winning scientist defends the paranormal.
  • Martians could kill life on Earth, says Mars Express scientist. A million to one they said! (but still, they come).
  • Question of the day: how do you steer a spy shark? Video here.
  • Colour of dog fur linked to personality.
  • So what colour was the dog that tunnelled through snow to save its owners?
  • Scientists debate severity of the next sunspot cycle.
  • Microsoft unveils free robotics software package. Perhaps that’s what powers Mr Gates…
  • Christian video game stokes controversy with its “convert or kill” message. Hey, if it’s good enough for the 13th century Catholic Church…
  • 4,000-year-old Seahenge will rise again in 2008. Felt like I was channelling a bit of Edgar Cayce when I said that…
  • Archaeologists solve riddle of mysterious faces on South Pacific artifacts.
  • Aboriginal language had Ice Age origins.
  • Experts rush to record coastal history in face of advancing North Sea.
  • Egyptian conservationists fight to protect dwindling Mummy population (The Onion).
  • Boy who could feel no pain leads scientists to pain-killing discoveries. Interestingly, the boy died aged 14 jumping from a house. I guess that tells you why we experience pain…
  • Regeneration ironically hinges on cell death.
  • Laughter really is contagious. So make sure you don’t have unprotected jokes.
  • Skepticism is on the rise in Australia. Would it be paradoxical for me to be skeptical of that claim?

Quote of the Day:

I am comfortably numb.

Pink Floyd