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Nothing spectacular in today’s news. I recommend not reading it, and instead going out to enjoy the world outside your house or office…

  • NASA won’t put a price tag on Moon base. “You make an offer first.”
  • National Geographic give their top ten stories of 2006.
  • More on the story about the Vatican unearthing the tomb of St Paul (with photo).
  • Christmas: From pagan festival, to Christian celebration, to festival of Capitalism.
  • Livestock emissions the greatest contributor to global warming? And you know what I mean by ’emissions’…
  • Frozen frog comes back to life.
  • This year’s Geminids could be the best meteor shower of the year.
  • World’s oldest person dies aged 116. Perhaps they should phrase their links better: “Watch Video: World’s Oldest Person Dies at 116”. Ew.
  • Does storm video show ball lightning? Kind of has a Spielbergian War of the Worlds feel about it, don’t it.
  • Are stem cells being harvested from live babies in the Ukraine?
  • UK experts say there is a “strong scientific and moral case” for primate research.
  • Is Wi-Fi a health hazard?
  • Arctic sea ice faces ‘rapid melt‘. Where will ice bag providers harvest their ice from now?
  • Shuttle docks with ISS.
  • Firefly to be reborn as a multiplayer game.

Thanks Pam.

Quote of the Day:

They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they see nothing but sea.

Francis Bacon