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Artist Robert Venosa, well-known for his work with Santana, has released a new book titled Illuminatus, which features his mystical art and text/essays by Terence McKenna, Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger and Mati Klarwein:

Illuminatus is a retrospective of Fantastic Realism painter Robert Venosa’s celestial, mythological, futuristic, surreal, other-worldly, art. This is Venosa’s most impressive book so far – a far-reaching sequel to his earlier visionary collections, Manas Manna and Noospheres. Those familiar with his work, as well as those exploring it for the first time, will find his visions exciting and inspirational – a mythology for our times. If the most exciting artmaking one can hope to encounter is an exploration of the furthest reaches of the imagination, then Robert Venosa must surely rank among the luminaries of our era.

The book can be ordered by sending a cheque or money order for $US68.00 to “Robert John Ltd, 7186 Petursdale Court, Boulder, CO 80302” (which covers shipping).