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Plenty of known unknowns in today’s news, even without Don-boy around anymore…

  • Cell transplants restore sight to blind mice. Mice are said to be doing well, and muttering something about purchasing a big carving knife and seeing how a certain farmer’s wife runs.
  • Death is a long,strange trip. Most especially when your mortal remains are blasted into space. “Beaming up Scotty” would have been a much catchier title I think.
  • Want to improve your memory? Give yourself an electrical shock while you sleep. TDG disclaims any liability for bad hair the next day.
  • British Air Force radar goes “out of alignment” and zaps electronics in passing cars. But what about the improved memory?
  • Why do hoaxes keep sucking us in?
  • Forty-year-old Navy UFO image to go on display. Or is this story just an exclamation point to the previous news brief?
  • Out of place animal in Florida: chimp or skunk-ape? Photo is here.
  • Turning conventional folklore on its head (so to speak), our big brains may be a genetic inheritance from Neanderthals. Who’s going to trot out the Neanderthals = advanced ancient civilisation theory now then?
  • The afterlife in this life: paranormal or paranoid?
  • Tarantula venom and chili peppers target the same pain sensor. And everyone laughed at my idea for Tarantula Con Carne…
  • New research explores how pigeons make joint navigational decisions when travelling together.
  • More Orwellian reality – Heineken to track beer by satellite. Watch out all you under-age drinkers!
  • India plans for human space mission.
  • Military continues to look at ‘UFO’ blimps.
  • Doctor tells patient that something is moving inside her stomach, and she should seek an exorcism at Westminster Cathedral.
  • Is Christianity under attack? Whassamada Torquemada?
  • Various shaped skulls uncovered in Iranian excavation. No Starchildren listed.
  • Avebury Guardians win prize for their volunteer work in aid of the Avebury monuments.
  • Looking for elves in Iceland. Travel reporters should always take some DMT with them when going in search of elves.
  • Experts say global warming threatens ancient ruins around the world.
  • Google Earth gives a boost to armchair archaeology.
  • A well-founded belief in the magic of water. What is it with holy springs and miracle cures…certainly not folklore only associated with Celtic Britain?
  • Baboons and birds can remember hundreds of photos.
  • Scientist pours cold water on Nessie-dinosaur theory.

Quote of the Day:

The reason why is I didn’t want to inject a major decision about this war in the final days of a campaign. And so the only way to answer that question and to get you on to another question was to give you that answer.

President George Bush, on why he said just a week ago that Donald Rumsfeld would stay on till 2008, while actively searching for his replacement at the time.