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Chimp looks a little blue tonight…

  • How to turn your iPod into an Ouija Board. iOuija just doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily…
  • Carl Sagan writes from beyond the grave (kinda): The Varieties of the Scientific Experience, edited by Sagan’s wife Ann Druyan, is based on the Gifford Lectures he delivered in 1985 (and is an obvious play on the title of William James’ famous tome). Ann Druyan discusses the new book in this interview (mp3 and Windows media).
  • The myth of the rational voter.
  • How they stole the mid-term election.
  • Silent aircraft design unveiled. Flying triangle sightings explained?
  • New theory on what got the Oracle at Delphi high.
  • MAPS to have an eBay auction next week of the last Alex Grey portrait of Albert Hofmann to celebrate the good doctor’s century.
  • The Stern review: the dodgy numbers behind the latest global warming scare.
  • Astronomers await Mercury transit. Rick and I have set up two cans and some string, just in case our lines go down again…
  • Did modern humans get a brain gene from Neanderthals?
  • Fossils unearth big debate.
  • Induced after-death communication.
  • The crucial distinction between electrical deposition and electrical excavation.
  • Researchers ask whether toxic chemicals are to blame for a pandemic of brain disorders.
  • Local sidereal time and telephone telepathy.
  • UK scientists ask permission to create human-cow hybrid. Sounds like the Dish of the Day at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
  • The November issue of Fate is now available, with a few teasers on their website.

Thanks Jameske (who had to bounce early to work, so most of the news is his).

Quote of the Day:

The animal staggered to its feet. It gave a mellow gurgle. ‘A very wise choice, sir, if I may say so. Very good,’ it said. ‘I’ll just nip off and shoot myself.’ He turned and gave a friendly wink to Arthur. ‘Don’t worry, sir,’ he said, ‘I’ll be very humane.’

The Dish of the Day (from ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe‘)