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Mothman Poll

A little bit late due to illness, but I’ve now changed over the poll here TDG to a new question. This November marked the 40th anniversary of the original ‘Mothman’ sightings around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. As such, I thought it might be fun to get an idea of what readers think the ‘being’ was. Skeptics have suggested the sightings may be of a sandhill crane or a snowy owl, blown out of proportion by a good dose of imagination and hysteria. Others (like John Keel) have suggested the ‘ultraterrestrial’ theory (entities from ‘other’ dimensions of existence which haunt the Earth), and some that it is an unknown type of flesh and blood animal (a cryptid, ala Bigfoot and Nessie). Some have even suggested a government experiment on the small population in Point Pleasant (perhaps supported by the numerous ‘Men in Black’ sightings, although Keel might suggest that supports the ultraterrestrial theory).

Robert Bauval’s Orion Correlation theory received support in the results of the previous poll, on the layout of the Giza pyramids, with 70% of the 1200 respondents agreeing with his idea (even with around 15% undecided). Remember all previous polls remain open for voting, and can be browsed at the poll archive page here on TDG.