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Discover magazine currently has a feature on the 25 Greatest Science Books ever, which presents a fine list of great reads. Interestingly though, the introduction to the article by Nobel laureate Kary Mullis takes time to note Dean Radin’s Entangled Minds (Amazon US and UK) as being worthy of mention:

Books like Radin’s doggedly pursue scientific evidence for ideas that have been widely, but unreasonably, discredited for decades, or even centuries. Fortunately, scientists (at least in the Western world) no longer get confined to quarters or excommunicated for their books. But when an author puts himself on the line by embracing an unfashionable idea, even though he is guaranteed to generate scorn or indifference, this should somehow be recognized.

Recognition such as this creates another (long overdue) crack in the wall of scientific dogmatism regarding research into parapsychology.