An A to Z of Atlantis

Sub Rosa Art Director Mark James Foster has proudly had his first book published (co-authored with Simon Cox), An A to Z of Atlantis (Amazon UK now, and Amazon US later this month):

Both myself and Simon have been fascinated by the subject of Atlantis for many years, so it is great to be able to get some of our ideas and theories down on paper at last and out in print. It should be a great read whether you are new to Atlantis or a seasoned seeker of the lost continent, and hopefully we have something new and enthralling for everyone.

Mark’s not just a designer who knows the vibe of the alternative genres – he’s also done some great research on alternative history subjects over the years. Being the multi-talented genius that he is, Mark also designed the purty cover of the book (and I should mention that he is also one heck of a fiction writer, and I can’t wait to see some of his novels published). Browse around his Artifice Design website for a bit while you’re there.