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I’ve added a new poll to TDG today – yes, finally that Bosnian Pyramid one is off the front page. The new poll is topical with the release of Robert Bauval’s new book The Egypt Code last week (Amazon UK), and asks the basic question: do you think that the pyramids of Giza were laid out in a mirror image of stars in the constellation Orion, as Robert Bauval has suggested? Of course, in case you missed it, also check out my review of Robert’s new book here on TDG, and in the imminent Issue 6 of Sub Rosa I ask him a few pertinent questions, so keep an eye out for that.

The Bosnian Pyramid poll ended up pretty even between each option, although opinions changed over the course of the poll as we heard back from Robert Schoch and Colette Dowell, who travelled to the ‘monuments’ to get a first-hand look and were disappointed with what they found. Remember that all old polls remain open for voting, and are archived at the Daily Grail’s poll page.