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For an excellent resource on Rennes le Chateau information and research, check out the Rennes le Chateau Research and Resource website. The site has a great look (complete with graphic novel illustrations of Saunière et al), and is full of excellent information: bios on the players in the mystery, a timeline, the layout of the Saunière Estate, reading lists, a forum and much more. A real keeper for RlC enthusiasts.

  1. different approach to RLC
    Similarity to demise of key RLC characters(read-priests) with connection to Vatican and demise of recent folk with similar connections is not being researched adequately. Case in hand, Bill Cooper taken out after he said he knew where key puzzle bits are located at RLC. Malachi Martin’s untimely demise after he exposed Vatican connection to satanic shenanigans. Church persecution of Fr Gruner by church for demanding the 3rd Fatima Secret.
    My take on RLC is Boudet, perhaps Bijou earlier on, Sauniere tweaked Vatican’s nose with their gnostic magdalen churches and milked the Vatican for what its worth. France was never really that firmly in Vatican’s back pocket. RLC area is in the heart of ancient druid country, home to waves of neo-pagan, gnostic, Cathar, masonic tinged religion after the French Rev, new age of today. French Kings could always pull a Henry 8th and become Protestant. I see Sauniere and Co as frontmen for powers that be with money to spare to indulge in pagan ritual in the guise of spontaneous nature prayer.
    Sauniere’s church is just pre-TV advertising for this cult activity, Boudet’s book was a insider tome for these moneyed elite to select the ‘channel’ they want to tune into.
    The whole show got shut down when the Vatican could flex its muscle again. It deprived Sauniere of his casino( read-church) took out his advisers, Boudet, the other priest that got whacked, WW1 shut off his money laundry to Spain,
    I presume the martinists were pressured by Sauniere to set up his scam there but financing fell thru. These ideas all fall into place when one pieces fragments of Dietrich’s theme park spin, Hammetts ‘discovery’s anybody can plant, Plainturd’s PoS scam, Perillos spin, HBHG’s fast buck extrapolations, now the Brown spins.
    The only thing missing is the attempt by the grey-reptilian-nephilim crowd who wanna create trans – inter spatial dimension portals there, ‘cuz the sacred geometry acts like an ET-come home beacon.
    Since nobody knows what kind of spiel Sauniere was pitching to his benefactors, he had the added plus of absolving their sins, perhaps for a hefty price, if they couldn’t find another priest with sauniere’s ethics. Once Sauniere lost his priestly absolution power, his influence waned and source of income as well.

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