News Briefs 21-09-2006

Let’s start the news on a cheery note. Death, death and death. Things begin to improve after that…but we finish where we started.

  • Mothman documentary producer dies aged 42 from a rare form of cancer. Yet another tragic victim of the Mothman Curse? Read the story at your peril.
  • Wiccan soldier’s family gets closure after Department of Veteran Affairs approves pentacle symbol for memorial plaque. Heck, Hollywood has been doing it since 1960.
  • Iceman Oetzi bled to death in a matter of minutes after an arrowhead ruptured an artery.
  • Paleontologists discover ‘Lucy’s Baby‘. More at National Geographic, including images and video.
  • Croation robbers make off with 6 kilograms of archaeological gold (in the literal sense).
  • Ancient Hindu text preserved by modern technology.
  • The Royal Society accuses Exxon Mobil of funding groups which have been misleading the public about climate change.
  • Greenland ice sheet continues to lose ice mass at a significant rate. According to special interest group ExMob, loss of ice is “good for babies”.
  • Biologist mixes science and salvation in his book The Creation (Amazon US and UK).
  • And if that’s all a bit nicey-nice for you, here’s Scientific American’s multiple book review pitting spiritual science against materialist science. If you know Sci-Am, you know which way this one will lean. “The assumption of materialism is fundamental to science” – sounds like someone is still sitting at the pub with Isaac Newton.
  • Hired psychic causes scandal for Colombian prosecutor.
  • Creepy shadow person effect conjured up by electrical stimulation of the left temporoparietal junction in the brain.
  • Space shuttle UFO mystery deepens with more objects sighted.
  • NASA spots new ring on Saturn. The Z-cat and some Voom will soon take care of that.
  • Bizarre supernova breaks all the rules.
  • Droids in the Desert – not a new prequel from George Lucas, but a NASA project.
  • Fish used to detect terror attacks. When fish get sent on a black-ops mission to capture Osama, then I’ll be impressed.
  • Policeman reports being attacked by two flying witches.
  • Woman dies during marshmallow-eating contest.

Quote of the Day:

Religion and science both profess peace (and the sincerity of the professors is not being doubted), but each always turns out to have a dominant part in any war that is going or contemplated.

Howard Nemerov