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As Flash Gordon might have said, it’s all about Global War Ming…

  • Scientists say Neanderthal’s last stand can be traced back to Gibraltar.
  • Elgin Marbles controversy intensifies as Germany hands back a piece of the Parthenon.
  • Department of Energy takes inspiration from the pyramids on how to say ‘Keep Out!‘ to future generations.
  • Dr Gregory House versus the aliens. They sure do like their materialist explanations for strange phenomena on House (e.g. the Faith Healer episode).
  • Kiwi experts to examine alleged ‘meteorite fragment‘.
  • Time to reinvest some of that stock in tea companies: green tea cuts fatal illness risk.
  • Humans are ‘causing stronger storms‘. Next they’ll try and pin those ‘war’ things on us.
  • Arctic sea ice declining through both summer and winter, according to NASA scientist.
  • Study says don’t blame the Sun for Global Warming.
  • Google Earth feature highlights environmental change around the globe.
  • Madonna sings on a cross in Russia. Monty Python to sue for copyright infringement.
  • Bush sees U.S. religious awakening and refers to the Iraq ‘liberation’ as a gift from the Almighty.
  • Under the guise of reining in the Bush administration’s warrantless eavesdropping program, the Senate Judiciary Committee approves a bill that would dramatically expand the government’s domestic surveillance capabilities, and usher in a new age of rampant monitoring.
  • Relax. Your appendix is more likely to kill you than Al Qaeda. If your appendix has recently gone on a holiday to Afghanistan, I’d be very worried.
  • Columbian gang members’ wives and girlfriends go on sex-strike to make them give up their arms. Who needs arms for that?
  • Pedia-smackdown! Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Dale Hoiberg of Britannica go toe to toe.
  • Seeing with your tongue. I’ve seen drunk people licking walls…does that count?

Quote of the Day:

The snozberries…taste like snozberries

From the movie ‘Super Troopers’