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Robert Lomas, author of (among others) The Hiram Key and The Second Messiah, has a new book out. Robert’s new book is titled Turning the Solomon Key, and you can find out more about it at the official website for the book. Naturally enough, considering the tie-in (see my own title The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key), the book is about George Washington and Masonic history:

Using Masonic rituals and Washington’s own diaries Lomas uncovers the symbolic reasoning behind the positionng of the White House and the Capitol, and in the process disposes of many anti-Masonic urban myths. This exciting, and authoritative, detective story then investigates the sources of creative behavior, to reveal a hitherto unsuspected Secret Science of Masonic Astrology which underpinned Washington’s actions.

On the website you’ll find a number of related articles, and also the Foreword to the book and audio of Robert reading the Introduction. The book is available from Amazon US and UK.