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Tuesday Roundup 01-08-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week…


  1. Typical “Skeptic” Assininity
    Regards the item “Victor Zammit responds to a New York lawyer’s queries regarding the “David Thompson materializations””, I found this comment on that page to be of particular humor:

    “Your professed belief in the supernatural would also make you a biased observer – preferring to see confirmation of your beliefs than all of the ways you may have been deceived.”

    It’s typical of the type of people I call “skepters”, because they are NOT “true skeptics” (not even close), in the sense that they tend to be overly critical, highly subjective and skewed, not very objective at all, super-biased in the opposite direction, etc.

    He says that someone’s “professed belief in the supernatural” makes them a “biased observer”. Of course, the opposite is also true. His “professed DISbelief in the supernatural” ALSO makes him a “biased observer”. Equally, if not more so. Since, imo, people who are truly interested in figuring out if the “supernatural”, and that sort of thing, are real, or not, try very hard to do so in scientific ways so that it can truly be proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, if not more so, ideally with 100% accuracy. Not to mention that they at least do not immediately go in with a biased disbelief.

    These skepters are actually “worse” than “true believers”, in many more ways than one, and to higher degrees and levels. Especially since they take such an extremely strong “anti-view” about these things. Talk about over-the-top, close-minded, non-objective bias.

    But, of course, like many other things, they choose to not see that, much less actually admit to it. Because that would weaken their arguments and attacks.

  2. Pam – for you ..
    Pam, I’ve put a comment for you on your last blog about the Djinn – please look there for it. Didn’t know where you would be most likely to find it and thought that might be the best place.

    Regards, Kathrinn

  3. Hall of fame
    So Pam made it to the hall of fame!

    Amazing. I don’t remember having gone to that area of the site.

    Added to my favorites now. Can’t miss what you guys are writing in there.

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