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Site Modifications

A heads-up on a few things being changed here on TDG. Firstly, I’ve added the feed from our Underground Stream of Consciousness website to the right hand side of the page, just beneath the poll. A few people are getting the hang of posting at the Stream, so it might be an opportune time to track new stories on there. I know we already provide lots of links here on TDG, but the Stream site allows everybody to post interesting links directly to the frontpage of the site – in the manner of, so along with TDG it should provide complete coverage of well, everything! The Stream website has the same login details as you use on TDG, so it’s easy enough to login there as well (apart from our ongoing double-login problem). At the moment, everything posted by members goes direct to the front page – if in future it becomes overwhelming, then we might go to a voting situation to bring the cream to the top.

Also, I’ve moved the ‘Recent Blog Posts’ block from the bottom left of the page, to the right, directly beneath the new Stream feed block. This should make it more noticeable to the casual reader. I have also set it to display the most recent 15 blogs (it used to show 10), so that new blogs don’t drop off the list too quickly. Apart from those changes, there are a few other moves, basically blocks changing from left to right and vice-versa – I’m sure you’ll find them if you need them.

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