News Briefs 30/31-08-2006

Happy 5th birthday to my beautiful Isis! Not to mention, it’s TDG’s 8th birthday. Jameske’s under the pump, so today’s news covers the 30th and the 31st…

  • MRI research goes in search of the G-spot with a group of nuns. I’m talking about the ‘God-spot’ in the brain (of course…).
  • There’s Hitler, there’s Stalin, and then there’s Harry Potter – the Pope’s exorcist names the real ‘Axis of Evil’.
  • Scholar claims the Iliad and the Odyssey were written by a woman.
  • Uncovering the burial mounds of bronze age Scots.
  • Ancient secrets of the Balkans.
  • Wired tells of the science projects “that scare the #%@! out of us”.
  • Shuttle Atlantis to ride out storm on launch-pad. Let’s hope that it doesn’t ‘sink beneath the waves’ like its namesake…
  • Pluto vote hijacked in revolt.
  • The mystery of China’s Celtic mummies.
  • The explosion that shattered solar theory.
  • From hot to cold in the Arctic.
  • Behind the scenes at Google Inc.
  • Astronomers tear up textbooks over stellar nurseries.
  • Katrina ignites scientific storm over hurricane trends.
  • 3000-year-old pyramid found in China.
  • Scholars use physics and maths to demolish horror movie concepts. Oh dear.
  • Lee Smolin calls bullsh*t on modern physics in his new book The Trouble with Physics (Amazon US and UK).
  • Have Cryptomundo readers figured out what that ‘Russian plesiosaur’ really is?
  • Ancient raptors likely feasted on early man.

Thanks J.

Quote of the Day:

I have been known as a crank, faddist, madman. Evidently the reputation is well deserved. For wherever I go, I draw to myself cranks, faddists, and madmen.


  1. So…..
    all magik is evil……..what is the distinction between magik and miricals……not all magik is stired up in a cauldron, some is just done by mind. Is this not also how perceived miricals are done too… got to hand it to them though, they really try hard to deceive and the gullible follow like lost sheep.

    Thou shalt not worship idiols……be careful entering the Vatican, you wouldn’t want to knock those idiols down.

    O and “happy birthday ISIS”

  2. Yo Greg,
    My emails to you

    Yo Greg,

    My emails to you are bouncing back. Let me know if you’re receiving them. I got whacked in the head at Kung Fu tonight, so I might be a bit out of it.



      1. Duck
        I weaved when I should have ducked. 😉

        The Kung Fu style I do is based on animal movements — tiger, crane, etc., but no duck. Hrmm, I could start a whole new Kung Fu movement ala Bruce Lee, by developing the Duck style …

        And Thommes is right about my state of mind … but luckily for TDG I don’t do Kung Fu on Mondays. 😉

        I think it’s the pain of excercising for the first time in over a decade … sitting on my arse for the past eight years, reading the Daily Grail … **limps away to find some ice**

    1. Fixed
      Should work now Rick. I had my anti-spam settings dialed in to “reject kung fu emails”, which I’ve since changed.

      Kind regards,
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  3. Not possible
    Wow.. I never knew how old the grail was but 8 years?!!! I must have found it shortly after it was started! Here’s to another 8 years.


    Oh yes… our son turned 5 in July and started Kindergarten last week. I was ok on day one, I’m freaking out a week later… our five year old is out in the world ALONE!!!!?????? He’s giving us the “please! I’m a kindergartener!!” line already. Didn’t they grow up too fast?

    Happy B-day to the little one…

  4. On pyramids . . .
    Looks like Schoch and Dowell will be packing their bags again. This time off to China after reading today’s news item about Chinese archaeologists discovering a group of ancient tombs shaped like pyramids, dating back at least 3,000 years, in Jiaohe City of northeast China’s Jilin Province.

    When will archaeologists, any archaeologist, start piecing together all the pyramidal puzzle clues laid out for us throughout the world?

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