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Today’s news has a theme of destruction and endings…and on the odd occasion, birth and rebirth.

  • Rethinking the fall of Easter Island.
  • Climate and the collapse of Maya civilisation.
  • Incan wall at Cusco destroyed.
  • New archaeological evidence suggests that the ‘Qumran Community’ was in fact just a simple pottery factory.
  • While all else crumbles, experts say a Mammoth comeback is possible.
  • Ancient Welsh city rediscovered.
  • Apparently we slept with Neanderthals. Some ladies would probably suggest we still are.
  • Robots to explore archaeological sites under the Persian Gulf.
  • Big business has put the integrity of science in jeopardy. That and CSICOP.
  • National Geographic goes hi-tech in studying the moves of the best martial artists.
  • Woman finds “God’s water” gurgling from tree. I guess you’d call that treeted water then.
  • In a skeptical age, everything looks suspicious. Even the ‘skeptics’…
  • Ketamine (‘Special K’ to the freaks out there) may treat depression ‘within hours‘.
  • Physicists in Japan to create a Universe in the lab. Now there’s an answer for the spouse when you come home and they ask “what did you do today honey?”.
  • Hot dogs may cause genetic mutations.
  • We now have more overweight people than hungry ones. I think I see a solution…
  • Video which is bound to kill the figure of speech, “like a fish out of water” (or at least redefine it). Broadband probably required. And if you think fish are one thing, how creepy is an augmented cockroach? I’d say ‘exxxttterrrminate!”, but that would be rather ironic.
  • Is this the end for Pluto?
  • Forget Pluto though – the Global Existential Threat level here on Earth has been raised to elevated. I know a few philosophers who would find that moniker quite funny.
  • There’s no stopping the Mars rovers though. What a success story, now if they could just spot an alien running by…
  • NASA unveil the new Moon mission logo (somebody ring Richard Hoagland…). Meanwhile, they’re raiding Apollo for ideas, and parts.
  • Europe to comply with United States weather satellite blacklist, despite reservations.
  • A review of Deborah Blum’s Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death (Amazon US). Sounds like a good book, the Leonora Piper sessions make for fascinating reading.
  • Reports that the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology have the body of a dead Bigfoot are “a bunch of baloney“.
  • Physics professor walks on fire. That’s nothing, apparently there was once this carpenter dude that walked on water…
  • Speaking of, the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review is out (only previews of articles available). But while there, you can check out Hershel Shanks’ article “The Destruction of the Temple Mount“.
  • Evangelicals urge museum to take hominid bones off display.
  • Debate rages on the creation of animal-human chimeras. Bart Simpson said it best…

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

God shmod! I want my monkey-man!

Bart Simpson