News Briefs 03-08-2006

One great big festering neon distraction…

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Learn to swim.


  1. E.V.P.
    In Googleing EVP I came across this site

    It sums up EVP in a nut shell!

    The ‘Ecto’ photos are epic! That’s a good reason NOT to smoke ciggies while taking flash photos in the dark – of course not if you want to make ECTO! EPIC! Why not take some photos WITHOUT the flash…?? Uh-OH no Ecto and also NO ORBS!

    Want to make lots of ORBS? Be the ‘Life-of-the-Party’ make your friends and family members worried, Don’t delay operators standing by…Get the award winning “Ecto Orb making for Dummies” (As seen on TV)”Yes you too can make professional Ecto / Orb photos at home! How much do expect to pay…? Try these simple techniques: Out of focus rain drops illuminated by the flash – drops of water on the lens – easy as pie – Even Grandma get into the act! Opps sorry, she’s an ORB! Call NOW – Or just think it an we’ll find you!

    The EVP computer sound analysis on this site is great! It proves what exactly? That’s it’s a sound file?? (Well…Duh thats a no brainer!) Well not if you want to impress dummies with techno rubbish that is meaningless why not throw in some techno jargon like “nano”, quantum”, “flatulence”…? A fart sound file ‘analysis’ would look the same as the EVP computer (Cool Edit) ‘analysis’. By the way 8-bit sound recording is trashy and noisy – Uh-oh maybe that’s how EVP works? Right?! Maybe thats why you never record EVP at 24-bit 44.1khz…because maybe there is no noise to be a ghost?

    Remember boys and girls…

    “No human could stack books that way” – Dr. Peter Venkman ‘Ghost Buster’


    BTW Greg what’s wrong with NEON?

  2. a glitch?
    I found the article on “a brain parasite” through the next link where you can click on “commentary” (I kept getting the previous story regarding the drug rankings each time time I tried to click onto “a brain parasite”) and it was the first one I linked to but read it anyway and forwarded it, then printed out the parasite article from The New York paper. Both are very good by the way. Excellent news today, read up everyone, educational stuff I have been begging people to look into for a long long time. Maybe that is why I’m so open hearted! It’s a parasite! Nifty changes going on here at TDG, sort of like rearranging the furniture to get a better traffic flow through the house! Thanks Greg, keep up the good work. You and Kat deserve a pat on the back. Love, Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

  3. zomg Yowie….
    Hum I’m not sure what to think about that Yowie!

    It seems a bit too convienient that the camera just *happened* to pan across, and the ‘yowie’ just *happened* to be in the middle of the shot, although, I suppose, in an infinite universe, anything is possible.

    Mind you, if it IS a yowie, they’re not shy! You can hear the noise of a major roadway in the background. I think I’ll sleep with the window closed tonight!

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