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Following on from their great work with Manly P. Hall’s..errr…”Great Work” – The Secret Teachings of All Ages – publisher Tarcher-Penguin are now releasing another of Hall’s classics, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry:

The twentieth century’s great scholar of occult and esoteric ideas, Manly P. Hall was a Mason himself and nurtured a lifelong interest in the secret fraternal order, making it the focus of one of his earliest and best-loved books, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry. In this celebrated work, he examines the ethical training required of a Freemason, and the character traits a Mason must “build” within himself. Hall’s 1923 volume is now reset and made available exclusively in this new edition, along with the author’s two further classics on Masonry.

The two ‘bonus’ books in this edition are Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians (1937), which explores the roots of Freemasonry in the initiatory temple rites of Pharaonic Egypt, and Masonic Orders of Fraternity (1950), a “fascinating work of short history that chronicles the reemergence of Freemasonry in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.”

The book goes on sale on Amazon.com today, and next month at Amazon UK. A must for those interested in esoteric history and Freemasonry.