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Important news out of Bosnia, with a new blog post here on TDG from Colette Dowell and Robert Schoch concerning their expedition to the so-called “Bosnian Pyramid”. Going on early indications (and Colette is at pains to point out that the investigation is not complete), the alleged monument is a natural formation:

We do not know what to think – well, we do, but do not know yet how to express it without hurting anyone or taking away from any persons’ dream. There will need to be more evidence somewhere to make me believe it is an ancient pyramid, and I will speak little for Schoch, but he feels the same – we have many samples, none of which are showing ancient man made intervention to create a pyramid.

Beyond that, there seems to be more than a hint of collusion in misleading the public – Colette talks of a false report on the tunnels they investigated, of people knowing the truth but going along with everything for the good of the economy. More information will be forthcoming when Robert and Colette’s investigation is complete:

There has been many deceptive happenings here I have become aware of through my investigations. I am to write that up, Robert will write up the geology.

Thanks to Colette and Robert for keeping us up to date with everything, and for following the data rather than the hype. You can view their original blog entry (on arrival, and with first images) here, but the important news is in this latest update (in both posts, clicking on the images will give you the full-size version).