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Bosnian ‘Pyramid’ Not Man-Made

Important news out of Bosnia, with a new blog post here on TDG from Colette Dowell and Robert Schoch concerning their expedition to the so-called “Bosnian Pyramid”. Going on early indications (and Colette is at pains to point out that the investigation is not complete), the alleged monument is a natural formation:

We do not know what to think – well, we do, but do not know yet how to express it without hurting anyone or taking away from any persons’ dream. There will need to be more evidence somewhere to make me believe it is an ancient pyramid, and I will speak little for Schoch, but he feels the same – we have many samples, none of which are showing ancient man made intervention to create a pyramid.

Beyond that, there seems to be more than a hint of collusion in misleading the public – Colette talks of a false report on the tunnels they investigated, of people knowing the truth but going along with everything for the good of the economy. More information will be forthcoming when Robert and Colette’s investigation is complete:

There has been many deceptive happenings here I have become aware of through my investigations. I am to write that up, Robert will write up the geology.

Thanks to Colette and Robert for keeping us up to date with everything, and for following the data rather than the hype. You can view their original blog entry (on arrival, and with first images) here, but the important news is in this latest update (in both posts, clicking on the images will give you the full-size version).

  1. Shoch shock
    Well, I guess archaeology’s elite will be gloating, “I told you so”. However, they’re not out of my bad book just yet – at least Schoch made the effort to see the site for himself. The mainstream elite who are laughing at the alternatives didn’t make that effort at all.

    Despite the outcome, I still think it’s a win to those with open minds. Schoch has shown us how to keep an open mind and allow the evidence to speak for itself, and to accept the conclusions gracefully.

    The mainstream elite may gloat, but at the end of the day, I think it reflects just as poorly on them as much as it does on Semir Osmanagic.

    We survived Erich Von Daniken’s shinnagins, we can survive this. Keep an open mind, but don’t leave it too wide open that people like Semir Osmanagic will throw a lot of rubbish into it.

    Thank you Dr Schoch and Dr Dowell, for making the effort to investigate with open minds and grace.

    At least we know now! And that’s a good thing. By the way, if you’re interested, there are some amazing Pyramid Mounds in China you might like to take a look at … 😉

    1. percdeptions of mind
      No matter what anyone, whether academic expert or man/woman in the field perceives and tells me, I’ve learned through my own experiences that life is much stranger than most fiction, and that what appears to be natural may not be, and what appears to be artificial, may also be something else. I prefer to give the ‘creator’ some space for morphing most anything it/she/he needs to, though we have need for security and space/time to be also. And maybe that is also taken into account? I can live with both perceptions, that they are natural and that they are artificial, and also the possibility that the artificial can become natural and the natural can have artificial aspects, as most features of our landscape will have been affected by living organisms in one way or another over time, whether consciously or not.

      When I look at a place like Birmingham, England, I wonder if the plateau full of coal, iron and silicone deposits which attracted so many industrialists and engineers this time around, once was home to other cities which rose like mushrooms and later disintegrated to become the deposits we have used to create this society. Positing many aeons of such rising and falling lifeform structurings, but it may not be impossible. All those stories of faery spires and buildings of crystal? 🙂 Lys

    2. Excellent sentiments Rick
      As excited as I was that this may be a stupendous find, I’m still not absolutely sure. I tend to want to agree with Rick’s cool headed and superb remarks regarding Collette’s and Robert’s findings. They made the trip, endured the heat and possibly dangerous tunnel treks. I admire them and hold them in great esteem for their work, talent and research. Sincerely, Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. Thank you Colette and Robert
    It is good to have some information from people who have actually been there, and who don’t have a bias from the outset. And you are not just amateurs either in this kind of thing.

    This is an especially interesting finding, since neither one of you are in what might be called the “professional sceptic” camp.

  3. Be careful!
    Hey Collette and Robert,

    be careful what you write. Make sure you’re back in the safety of your own homes before writing anything that might trample on someone’s ‘new economy’.

    Money can be a very powerful motivator for ‘making’ people keep quiet.

    Be safe my friends.

    yer ol’ pal,

    (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

  4. just some Bosnian girl who saw these “pyramides” few days ago
    Dear Colette and Robert,

    Thank you for visiting and investigating our big dream. I’m very sad about your foundings.

    As I saw it few days ago I can not think but there is something man made over there. Maybe not the pyramides. Isn’t it something else?

    I am sorry to say but can not beleve that few people who worked on it (volunteer) were able and were willing to make the pavements themselfs to convince the others as you suggest in your writing. I talked to them in my native language and could not hear and feel nothing else but a big excitement and a real belief. I see you take an important place in the world of geologists and archeologists but please don’t say this kind of things before having a real proof of this beeing done. I don’t belive this happened.

    I realy understand you have been mislead and found out the things that were incorrect like those scripts in one of the tunnels. And that you are now being suspicious about everything I can understand.
    Things like people with professional equipment without good papers not getting in these countries happen. This world is little bit different than USA or EU and these things happen. Does not seem strange to me and is at least something that often happens. At least when they are willing to open my bagage, a bagage of a turist who comes ones a year, and I travel with my Dutch pasport, nothing surprises me any more.

    Anyway thanks for your sprit and your help. Tonight I searched on new info about the pyramides and found Robert Schoch’s site and found this article. I heard in Visoko from one of the workers of the Pyramid of Sun that an important American Geologist was comming and they were very excited and happy about it. They realy belive in it and are certanly not stupid to think that they can fake it in front of the world’s best geologists. There is a belief in a discovery of something big and hoped that your visit wil open the door to Unesco.

    As you probably know the official Bosnian Geological and Archeological Organisations have declined the exsistance of the pyramides from the beginning. There where the ones (educated ones) that were saying that this is a dream. The politics (government) did the same.

    In the end I hope you wil come with something in your report. No pyramids as understood. Good luck and again THANK YOU.


  5. I would like to thank Dr.
    I would like to thank Dr. Colette Dowell and Dr. Robert Schoch for making this trip to Visoko, Bosnia. I appreciate their honesty and professionalism. At least now we know the truth, as opposed to last few months that have taken a toll on many Bosnians around the world. Everyone had an opinion, but no one took a trip to look at the site and give us a solid answer. Now that I know the truth, I feel a little sad, but relieved.

    Dear Dr. Colette Dowell and Dr. Robert Schoch, I hope this experience doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Bosnia is a beautiful country with people who are welcoming and always ready to help. I hope you will find space in your heart to forgive people responsible for deciving evidence. I wish you all the best in your future projects.

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