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A strange assortment to get you through the week…

  • Tim Boucher gives an account of his personal journey exploring the African Traditional Religions (Santeria, Voodoo, etc).
  • Michael Prescott defends the talents of medium Eusapia Palladino.
  • NPR has an audio piece, interviewing Cory Doctorow and Vernor Vinge on the technological singularity.
  • Ellen Lloyd, author of Voices from Legendary Times, has written a new article: “The Stargate of the Alien Gods“.
  • This week’s eSkeptic newsletter investigates ‘strip-mall psychics’ and other weirdness.
  • Any UFO researcher worth their salt should browse through psywar.org, which “is a repository for the serious historical study of psychological warfare (PsyWar), psychological operations (PSYOPs), information warfare (InfoWar), aerial propaganda leaflets, and the black propaganda work of Sefton Delmer, from World War One (WWI), through World War Two (WWII), to the present day.”
  • Skeptic Michael Shermer tells you why trusting your intuition is wrong.
  • And for those that need a checklist, the classic book on psychopathic personality, The Mask of Sanity, is now available online as a PDF.