News Briefs 27-07-2006

Kangaroos and geckos and bumblebees, oh my…

Thanks Pam and Doug.

Quote of the Day:

On one level I call them self-transforming machine elves; half machine, half elf. They are also like self-dribbling jeweled basketballs, about half that volume, and they move very quickly and change. And they are, somehow, awaiting. When you burst into this space, there’s a cheer! Pink Floyd has a song, “The Gnomes Have Learned a New Way to Say Hooray”. Then they come forward and tell you, “Do not give way to amazement. Do not abandon yourself.”

Terence McKenna (on the DMT space)

  1. healing with electricity
    “After “wounding” these tissues, they applied varying electric fields to them, and found they could accelerate or completely halt the healing process depending on the orientation and strength of the field.” [my bold]

    Since the researchers are apparently being very tight-lipped about the specifics of the orientation and strength of this ‘healing field’, at this point we’d best not try this at home. The thought is tempting though, considering they’ll probably develop a therapeutic model (based on a $5 9V battery) that’ll be for doctors’ offices only , and we’ll end up being charged $1000 for each 10 minute treatment.


  2. Demon Duck of Doom
    I really need one of those, along with a killer kangaroo.My dogs bark at everyone and then when someone comes in the gate they attempt to drown them with slobber.
    A DDOD would probably be more vicious.

    The gecko in the pic is stunning.They are such exquisite little people, and I just love their little feet.

    Don’t you just love the archaeologist heading home from Israel.What a dork to find that exciting.He wouldn’t be enjoying it so much if he was Lebanese.It proves what people always say about these academic types, too many marbles of the one colour.

    Still some I can’t get the links to load due to Optus the bastards.


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