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Daily Grail News Alert! Michael Shermer is actually Brad Hines. Brought to you by TDG – fair and balanced reporting.

  • Tesla Roadster electric sports car unveiled.
  • Did Nikola Tesla run a sedan on free energy?
  • Baalbek: a colossal enigma.
  • Spanish firm claims it can make oil from plankton.
  • Don’t flush it, breathe it.
  • Bigelow’s big gamble: building a space station.
  • The Pentagon and Peak Oil: a military literature review.
  • Is SETI barking up the wrong tree?
  • Déjà vu created in the laboratory. But technique used is hypnosis.
  • Bolt from the blue comes from clear sky.
  • Perfume is medicine in aromatherapy.
  • The Space Show: Hoagland talks about private space missions past and present.
  • So, what is red mercury?
  • 1200 year old prayer book discovered in bog. Let’s pray it wasn’t eaten first.
  • Your concrete utopia. Unreal estate.
  • Synmagazine: cubic tears and salty reading.
  • Prosopagnosia: Forgetting your own face.
  • Heat draws in whales and dolphins.
  • Many plants are heaven scent. Except the pink bunkadoo.
  • Virtual sex betrays all ideas of gender identity. Imagine prosopagnosia at the point of orgasm – who’s that lucky bastard?
  • Freak waves may be real cause of many sinkings. Why is it ok to call a wave a freak? Doesn’t The Guardian realise these waves have feelings?
  • Silkworm space cookies add flavour to diet. Branson had better not serve them – he’ll lose customers.
  • The day the earth caught fire.
  • Supernova changing right before our eyes.
  • Don’t plant pines. In fact don’t plant trees at all, grow algae.
  • First men on moon saw ufos.
  • The baffling martian spiders. Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Gravitational lensing or death of a theory?
  • Gravity is negative electricity. VSEPR.
  • In a perfect world.

Quote of the Day:

The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum.

Havelock Ellis