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Pink Floyd’s Pulse DVD is out (and already in my player) – well worth the investment (Amazon US and UK)…

  • Jesse Marcel Jr tells his account of what his father found at Roswell. With video.
  • MUFON conference gets underway (well, it’s finished now, but this story anticipated the weekend).
  • Why is exopolitics on the outer in ufology? Ask cancer man.
  • Heavenly omens carry inexplicable messages.
  • Psychics aid police in crimefighting.
  • Has Jack the Ripper been identified at last?
  • Graveside ghost photo of Jim Morrison still haunts fan. Break on through to the other side….
  • Psychologist investigates stigmata claims from around the world.
  • Vatican says that any Catholics involved in stem cell research could be banned from taking Holy Communion, relieved of church duties and even denied a church burial. Mmm, good to see they’ve moved on since that embarassing Galileo incident.
  • What are you, psychic? Er, yes!
  • Why do we dream? Ironically, perhaps to restore the balance from overly materialistic and rational analysis, just like this article?
  • Desire controls what we see.
  • This computer is so smart, it’s creepy.
  • Bionic eye turned down by the FDA.
  • NSA says that it’s so secret, it can’t be sued.
  • A safe landing for space shuttle Discovery, after 13 days in space.
  • Plasma bubble could protect astronauts on Mars trip. Plasma is the hot word of 2006.
  • The hullabaloo about hobbits (Mike Morwood hobbits, not Tolkien hobbits).
  • World War II bomb found in ruins of Pompeii. God sure had it in for that city.
  • Digging up Megiddo. Just be sure to put everything back in the right place before Armageddon begins please….
  • Nearly a third of ancient Egypt’s major monuments are still buried says Hawass (methinks the reporter got the headline wrong).
  • Haunting secrets of the Rollright Stones revealed.

Quote of the Day:

When we die we shall slough off this cheap intellect, and go abroad into Dreamland clothed in our real selves.

Mark Twain