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Here’s to the new day…

  • Serbian and Croation officials join together to honour Nikola Tesla, on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Also: remembering the man who lit the world, and Tesla’s theories remain current.
  • Baigent and Leigh will appeal the Da Vinci plagiarism ruling…so it will all be back on again at the start of next year.
  • Farmer attacked by crop circle crowds. Hell hath no fury like a croppie scorned…
  • It’s sneaking up to the 40th anniversary of the Point Pleasant Mothman sightings, and Loren Coleman is signed up to speak at the 5th annual Mothman Festival. And the Jersey Devil is coming along for the ride.
  • Black Triangle over Phoenix? With video. Someone should tell UFOs to avoid July 4th.
  • YouTube has a video interview with Rex Heflin, casting some light on a case which has re-entered ufology’s consciousness lately (with some controversy).
  • Stephen Hawking seeks answers from cosmic consciousness. Noosphere I’ll give you, but the Internet as ‘cosmic consciousness’? Hmmm…
  • Coaxing nanowires from metal-reducing bacteria may provide a way to bioengineer electrical devices. I think I already did that with my last keyboard…over its lifetime it had two cups of coffee and a glass of softdrink dropped into it…
  • One for the ladies: how to train your husband.
  • Lab-made sperm can produce offspring. I wonder if the scientists smoke afterwards…
  • Navy and eco-group settle on sonar type to be used in Hawaii whale area.
  • Thailand’s giant catfish is now protected from fishing. Imagine how big the buggers will get now…
  • Dr Zahi Hawass provides a quick Sphinx restoration update.
  • J. Paul Getty Museum returns antiques to Greece.
  • Scientists debate the role that climate change has played in the rise of civilisations.
  • While James Lovelock goes all doom and gloom in saying that it might be responsible for the fall of our civilisation.
  • Stone Age elephant found at ancient UK site.
  • The next generation of artificial limbs can’t come soon enough for the new generation of prosthetic wearers…U.S. soldiers.
  • Man trades paperclip for a house.

Quote of the Day:

The owls are not what they seem.

‘Twin Peaks’