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The Fortean Times website has been updated with the addition of a bunch of ‘new’ articles (free reading from previous issues of the mag). New on site:

  • What Lies Beneath?: Tracking down the monster myth of Italy’s Lake Maggiore
  • Attenborough’s Fabulous Animals: We unearth a long-unseen BBC TV documentary on strange and mythological beasts
  • Dragons of the Gambia: On the trail of the Ninki-Nanka
  • Yowieland: In pursuit of one of Australia’s most mysterious inhabitants – the Yowie
  • Into the Lost Valley: Richard Freeman goes in search of giant snakes, mystery cats and the elusive orang-pendek in the jungles of Sumatra
  • Edinburgh Ghost Fest: Gordon Rutter reports back from last month’s Ghost Fest, where he bravely subjected himself to Electronic Voice Phenomena, a new practice known as ‘stool-tipping’, and a rather flaccid dowsing session.

Plenty of reading there to keep you busy – remember too that Fortean Times #212 is recently released and is well worth checking out.