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I’ve found the lack of news coverage about the Bigelow Aerospace “Genesis I” inflatable space module a little frustrating (and perplexing). For updates, you’re best off heading straight to the Bigelow Aerospace website, which has updates on the status of the module, as well as some cool images that have been relayed back. Also newly available is an insider essay on the launch: “Bigelow Aerospace Looks to the Stars” (also available as a PDF).

Robert Bigelow is an interesting man – a real estate tycoon who has followed his dream of making space travel a reality. Not to mention, he’s also very interested in ‘border phenomena’, and was the backer of the excellent (though sadly, on hiatus) National Institute of Discovery Science, which presented some excellent analysis of Black Triangle sightings, cattle mutilations and of course the ‘Skinwalker Ranch’. Certainly a guy worth watching.