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An update on things that y’all should be aware of, in relation to the weekend upgrade of the website:

  • We have a login problem which we are currently trying to resolve. Generally, the easy solution for now is – if you try to login, but it doesn’t work, then just login again. You should be logged in on second attempt (there are exceptions).
  • If you paste a URL into your blog, it will automatically be converted into a link. Additionally, if it is extra long, the text of the link will be automatically truncated (though the link will remain valid) in order to keep the webpage the standard width.
  • In the left-hand menu of the upgraded TDG, there are now more options: a ‘contact us’ link via which you can send an email to each of the admins, a link to the TDG search page, and also a ‘popular content’ link which shows the most popular recent content (and all-time, via the tab at the top of the linked page).
  • There are four themes available for TDG readers – the default TDG theme, a large font version, a white background/black text version, and now also a 4-column version for those with high enough resolution monitors. Members can change themes by going into ‘my account’ (left-hand menu), clicking the edit tab and selecting which one they want to use. I will be making more of the blocks user configurable soon as well, for those that want to customise that part of their account.
  • The Underground Stream website is running the 4-column theme (if you have low res monitor, it automatically defaults back to 3), and now has no story voting – so it is basically a public bulletin board. Feel free to post interesting links, promote your own webpage, book etc (as long as it is topical). Login details are your TDG membership details (and yes, the login problem may occur there as well). The quick link to the Stream website remains at the top of TDG, just under the logo, along with our other subsidiary sites.
  • My Solomon Key website has a new design, and also a new name – ‘The Cryptex’. It is now a general Dan Brown/Priory of Sion/related mysteries news website. Again, the login is identical to TDG.

This upgrade will allow for more customising and adding of features, which I’ll let you know about as they become available. At the moment, most time is being devoted to ironing out the few bugs that are still creeping around.