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Site Upgrade

As some of you probably noticed, we had some downtime while we upgraded our TDG backend (no jokes, please). The page should look close to the same, although there are a few little changes in how things are displayed. Apart from those little things, if you notice anything really strange, let us know so that we can fix it pronto (either comment here or email us via the new ‘contact us’ link in the main menu).

  1. can’t post
    umm dunno what the prob is, my provider won’t let me transfer links, did a cut and paste to do a blog let’s see if this works if not buhbye -it’s been real …

    My eclectic web tripping turned up another mixed bag this AM, the 2002 movie Interstate 60 (Gary Oldham is the hybrid leprechan/Indian trickster and had a magical mierschaum [sp?] pipe – remember the dream I had regarding a pipe), led me to Redeemable Pictures, that led to the new in production Janis Joplin movie (2008), that led to Looking Back at the Future another new movie in production (2006) that led to a book about the Pharoh’s Lighthouse (carbon arc lights and mirrors) electrical technology. Check out the movie as a rental as it’s truly entertaining. The history of Janis who died at 27 will the the biography of her drug riddled life. Redeemable Pics is the production company for some weird, strange, odd and entertaining movies and made for TV shows. The lighthouse stuff really rang a chord for me though so I’m off to look at that.

    Links and info …
    Editorial Reviews

    Book Description
    This book aims to prove—through a comprehensive layout of ancient coins, artifacts, monuments, and literature—that the ancients used electricity to light up their temples, tombs, lighthouses, fortresses, palaces, cities and other edifices and critical areas. No other work on the subject documents as much ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Hebrew, Assyrian, Indian, Greek, Roman, Parthian, Persian, and Sassanian as well as medieval evidence of the fact. Furthermore, the work recalls interesting details and descriptions (some of which have never before been translated into English) of the ancient Alexandrian Pharos Lighthouse and its reflective telescope and electric beacon. As a bonus, this quasi-textbook presents an easily readable explanation of carbon arc lights and a history of their use in nineteenth and twentieth-century searchlights (electric mirrors) and lighthouses. Its numerous illustrations, explanations, and historical testimony (from the horses’ mouths) set a firm foundation for the reader to better understand the ancient advancements in electricity. The editor has carefully laid out the ancient and modern illustrations (often in a comparative manner) on the appropriate pages that match up well with the text. Although this was a time-consuming and difficult procedure for the editor, it, nevertheless, allows the reader to look at what they are reading about—instead of continuously loosing his or her concentration by leaping back and forth between the text and a bundle of pictures stuck in various parts of the book. This makes the work enjoyable and easy to study. The ancient electric cells (batteries) found in Iraq in the 1930’s and the evidence of ancient electroplating serve as a basis for the added proofs of the use of ancient electricity. From there, the editor presents illustrations of numerous artifacts and monuments that clearly demonstrate the use of ancient searchlights. He also presents strong evidence from cuneiform tablets and other sources that the ancients had all the materials (like copper, lead, iron, zinc, glass, sal ammoniac, sulfuric acid, etc.) at hand to make powerful primary and secondary electric cells. When we couple this to other ancient testimony of the use of extremely bright lights illuminating large and distant areas, the only conclusion we can come to is that they had to have been powered by electricity. The great Egyptologist John Gardner Wilkinson pointed out that the ancient Egyptian “paintings offer few representations of lamps, torches, or any other kind of light.” Why—when they repeatedly illustrate almost every other Egyptian article? It is because people are not looking for ancient electric lights so they simply do not recognize them!

    LOOKING BACK AT THE FUTURE – Tagline: In order to fully appreciate the future, sometimes you have to look at the past.

    and one more site for fun, check out
    Veritaserum Let the truth be told
    website on Harry Potter books —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. Thank-you For the Upgrade; But,

    I have a minor problem. To get on to TDG, I have to login twice! The first time the login just resets itself. The second time it logs me in.


    1. Indeed
      Thanks Ken. We’ve had the same problem and we’re looking into it.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  3. I’ve lost something
    Greg, I used to have big print but I can’t find the place where I used to make it bigger.I went to all the dooverlackies on the side but it doesn’t seem to be there.


    1. Ah
      Sorry Shadows, my fault. You must have had the large print theme installed. Give me a few hours and I’ll try and get something up.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. Here ya go
          Shadows (and anyone else wanting bigger fonts):

          Can you try this out for me? Go into ‘my account’ (found in the menu on the left hand side of the page), click on the ‘Edit’ tab, and then select the ‘TDG_Big’ theme. See how that looks and let me know.

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. Woohoo.
            I can see, I can see.

            That’s terrific, thanks sweetie.It makes a big difference for me.

            love shadows

  4. Me too
    I had problems logging in too, took me 4 tries, and it didn’t work at all when I tried to log in when I was on the Recent Posts page.

    Regards, Kathrinn.

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