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Dr Robert Schoch has posted a blog entry here on TDG (via Dr Colette Dowell’s membership) regarding his thoughts on the Bosnian Pyramid controversy, and also with news that he will be visiting the site:

The only way that I hope to get a valid sense of the Bosnian Pyramids is to see all of the important, and controversial, features firsthand with adequate time to really analyze what is going on. I am pleased to be able to say that such an opportunity has presented itself. As readers of The Daily Grail already know, my colleague and friend Dr. Colette Dowell has been in direct contact with Sam Semir Osmanagich and Mario Gerussi of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. They have generously invited Colette and me to visit the site and study the pyramid structures and associated features. We will be there in late July and early August. I am looking forward to the trip, and I plan to apply my geological expertise to the problem of the Bosnian Pyramids. As we prepare for the trip, we invite readers to share with us specific ideas and suggestions as to things you would like us to look at in particular when we are there.

As most TDG readers would know, Dr Schoch has a special interest in this area, being the geologist central to the Age of the Sphinx controversy. He has also analysed the Yonaguni underwater ‘monuments’ off the coast of Japan (see Issue 1 of Sub Rosa), so it will be interesting to hear his take.