Fortean Times #212

Issue #212 of the always informative Fortean Times is now on news-stands, with the following content packed within its covers:

  • The Real Priory of Sion: For many “da Vinci” decoders, this shadowy group is the key to the mystery, while others dismiss it as a hoax by a right-wing fantasist. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince argue that the truth is far more surprising than anything in Dan Brown’s novel.
  • The Rosslyn Cipher: Theories abound concerning hidden treasure in Rosslyn Chapel, particularly since the appearance of The Da Vinci Code. Forget the Holy Grail, says Brian Allan – Rosslyn’s real secret could be a musical one.
  • The Mask of Harlequin: Could some of the greatest artistic revolutionaries of 20th-century Europe have formed an occult group with the intention of transforming Western society? Steve Ash strays from conventional paths of art history in search of modernism’s magical agenda.

Much more besides, and also remember that there is plenty of free content from previous issues of FT available at their website.