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Binnall of America’s audio interview series comes to an end (for a while) this week, so its worthwhile noting that Tim and crew are ending on a high note:

After nine months, 22 guests, and 32 episodes, BoA : Audio, Season One reaches its Season Finale this week with notorious UK UFO hacker Gary McKinnon. McKinnon made worldwide news after he was charged with numerous counts of hacking into US government computers in search of UFO secrets. In this hour long interview, recorded 6.21.2006, we talk about the charges brought against him, what UFO evidence he saw while hacking, his take on the media coverage of his story, and much much more.

BoA has been one of this year’s revelations in the alternative scene – some great interviewees discussing the topical stories. Make sure you check it out, and also browse their audio archives if you haven’t been listening in (available in mp3/podcast and Flash). The only drawback for dial-up users are the file-sizes…perhaps a ‘Best of’ CD is in order Tim?