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News Briefs 25-05-2006

Damn the Blues…damn them all to hell.

  • Nazca Line photos deepen the mystery.
  • Third Annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge to feature Graham Hancock, John Anthony West and Robert Schoch.
  • Who will save the Hill of Tara from modern roadworks?
  • New edition of William Burroughs’ The Yage Letters (Redux) (Amazon US and UK) reveal how the famous writer was transformed by his South American ayahuasca expedition.
  • Meet Sasha Shulgin – at 81 years old, the (re)creator of Ecstasy still has a passion for creating new mind-altering cocktails.
  • These cattle mutilations are alien to me.
  • Mystery object falls through roof, then somehow embeds in wall.
  • Skull found in ceiling may have been used in rituals of 19th century Fraternal society.
  • Mysterious circles of light – aliens, atmospheric phenomena, or window reflections. I’m not sure which Internet this ‘enigma’ is “sweeping”…perhaps Mr Polidoro is surfing the Idiotnet?
  • Is there any truth, or power, to the mythos of the Sacred Feminine?
  • On the back of The Da Vinci Code having the second biggest weekend opening in history, Columbia Pictures orders another Dan Brown adaptation – this time Angels and Demons will be made into a film. I am available for DVC sequel film scripts by the way…
  • Japanese Lab recreates the voices of Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa. First words it said were: “Where’s my stinking royalties Mr Brown?”
  • Astronaut’s orbital golf shot pulled from the next ISS mission. You know what they say, golf is just a good way of ruining a nice (space)walk.
  • Who would have known? Our solar system is kinky.
  • Steve Wozniak, inventor of the Apple computer, tells all.
  • Web inventor Tim Berners Lee warns of a ‘Dark Net‘ if U.S. plans to split the intarweb are successful.
  • Company plans to offer free wireless broadband to 95% of Americans. The other 5% get two tin cans and a piece of string.
  • Sleeping pill may rouse some coma patients.
  • Scientists find that even ruthless old evolution thinks it’s better to be nice to others.
  • Synthetic biologists (who the hell created them?) reject controversial guidelines for bioweapon prevention.
  • British doctors attack funding of complementary medicines.
  • Scientists restore sight to blind chickens. Sure, you want to pull my acupuncture rebate, just so you can help poultry!
  • Gigantic fusion reactor gets the green light. Just as long as it doesn’t get the flashing red warning light in the future…
  • New Orleans faces another grim hurricane season. And another grim Dubya season.
  • British French Fries factory evacuated twice in one week due to bomb parts and grenades being found amongst the potatoes dug up from World War II battlefields.
  • Alligator hysteria sweeps Florida in the wake of three attacks on humans.
  • Sex theme park to open in London. Bound to be closed some days because of headache though…

Quote of the Day:

Our national drug is alcohol. We tend to regard the use of any other drug with special horror.

William S. Burroughs

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