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Fixing the Stream

I get a lot of emails from people suggesting cool links, or promoting their website/book/whatever – so many that I simply can’t post the majority. Please remember that we have an excellent ‘ancillary’ website, The Underground Stream of Consciousness, which is perfectly suited to people posting these sorts of items. I have removed the whole queueing process on the Stream, so now any member of TDG or the Stream (membership is shared) can post directly to the front page. I encourage everyone to use the Stream for sharing cool things – whether it’s something you found, or something of your own that you want to publicise a bit. Note that you can continue sending us news links for Daily Grail news, we always appreciate that. But things that aren’t news – perfect Stream material.

Note that you can reach the Stream easily from TDG via the link under the Daily Grail logo and a few Google Ads (along with our other sites such as our wiki The Red Pill. Conversely, the Stream has a link at the top for coming back to TDG – so it’s pretty easy to move around between sites and get your fill of linkage goodness.