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Sub Rosa Supporters

Over the course of the next few weeks I’d like to give some props to our advertisers in Sub Rosa. The reasons are simple – firstly, they help keep this site running, and that’s no small matter. Secondly, I’ve actually found a number of them to be of great interest and definitely up the alley of TDG readers. As such, over the next couple of weeks I’ll provide links to their sites – and a quick blurb about them – here on TDG, for those who would like to know more:

  • Walter Cruttenden’s book Lost Star of Myth and Time looks at ancient myths about cycles of Golden and Dark Ages, and ties them in to the precession of the equinoxes and the possibility of our Sun having a distant twin.
  • William Henry’s book The Illuminator investigates “Mary Magdalene’s origins, secrets and spiritual technology revealed.” William has a special offer for readers – if you order the book and mention Sub Rosa, you get a free DVD: “The Stairway to Heaven: The Lost Secrets of Mary Magdalene”.
  • For lovers of heavy, dark rock – check out this up and coming band. Alluvion are a quality bunch of musicians (and I have high standards) who are currently offering their 12-song album Lines through the Sun for download from their site for less than $5. If you want a sample, have a listen to this mp3 (or head to the Alluvion website for streaming audio).
  • I’ve posted this one on TDG before, it’s so damn tasty – Consciousness is a 5-DVD box set of scientists such as Dean Radin, Stu Hameroff and Susan Blackmore discussing the mysteries of consciousness. Not bad value for only $29.95…
  • Avatar Publications have a range of books on topics from spiritual advancement to the alien abduction phenomenon. Two books of interest are: Summer Snow by William Hathaway, an anti-war novel involving Sufi mysticism (sample chapter available), and The Book of Light by Michael Sharp, on the nature and structure of consciousness (which is also available as a free eBook).

Definitely some worthwhile wares in there.

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