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A few more props to our advertisers in Sub Rosa Issue 4, who via their support help keep TDG running:

  • New Page Books have a number of books which would interest TDG readers, including The Templar Papers, The Atlantis Encyclopedia and Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America.
  • One of our good friends, Karen Ralls, has a book titled The Templars and the Grail, and also hosts a travel experience to Malta (“Chivalry, Knights and the Grail: A Quest for Malta“).
  • Art of Illumination has “esoteric art to illuminate your heart”.
  • New Dawn (who we already post updates about each issue) is a magazine which questions consensus reality, investigating topics from ancient mysteries to secret societies and conspiracies.
  • The Ahriman Gate by Thomas and Nita Horn is a paranormal thriller novel which has been getting a lot of very good reviews.
  • Another great resource which I’ve mentioned on TDG before is the Broadband Learning Channel (which has just been renamed ‘The Conscious Media Network’), which provides free video interviews of researchers such as Graham Hancock, Walter Cruttenden and Stuart Hameroff.
  • CircleSpeak is a truly excellent DVD on the crop circle phenomenon, one of the first to investigate the topic without taking sides or having an agenda. I was so impressed by this DVD that we are going to feature it further in Issue 5 of Sub Rosa.
  • The Midnight Sun, a book on the mysteries of ancient Egypt by well-known author Alan Alford, is available from the Eridu Bookshop.

As I mentioned last week, some great content amongst those links, so take the time to check ’em out.