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Sacred Elixirs Audio

Gwyllm Llwydd sends word that the Earth Rites website has posted audio of the Sacred Elixirs conference. On site you’ll find mp3s of speakers such as Paul Devereux, Mike Crowley, Dale Pendell, Clark Heinrich and also Earl Crockett with Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin. I love it when mp3s of this calibre get posted freely on the web.

Also on the website you’ll find details of another conference that may be of interest to TDG readers in California (and I know there’s plenty of you). “SheShamans & Magic Mamas” will be held in Geyserville, California, over three days in June (23rd-25th). More info on the line-up is available at the main page of the Earth Rites website (scroll down a little). Thanks Gwyllm.