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News Briefs 26-03-2006

Is my eyesight getting worse from staring at a computer screen, or is it the news?

  • A psittalinguist — a person who interprets budgie-speak — says birds have cognitive abilities, and talk about spiritual matters. And Shadows thought Captain was just a foul-mouthed parrot with the vocabulary of a sailor.
  • New research has confirmed that humpback whales use syntax in the complex songs they sing, making them better songwriters than most bands in the top 40.
  • Mice testicles may provide an “ethical” source of embryonic stem cells for research. You mean … Mrs Frisbee was once a man?!
  • Australian water diviner locates legendary underground river, but only had to pay the ferryman AUS$1.75 due to the exchange rate.
  • A Malaysian construction worker gave up his day job to hunt the Johor bigfoot full-time. One day, Greg … one day.
  • The Johor Government is serious (but not enough to give up their day jobs) about investigating and protecting the wild hairy ape-folk hiding in the jungles. This conflicts with recent news that local Johor authorities are bulldozing and destroying physical evidence of the Johor Bigfoot.
  • Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo has a great summary of the world’s best cryptozoo museums.
  • An interview with British Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman, author of Dragons: More Than A Myth (Amazon UK only).
  • Here’s a video report of a leprechaun spotted hiding in a Mobile Alabama tree. I haven’t laughed so hard since my Harry Potter book spontaneously combusted. Priceless.
  • A 243-year-old pre-Columbus world map may be authentic, proving the Chinese explored the globe. Don’t pop the champagne cork just yet, Gavin Menzies, there are still doubters.
  • A gallery of magnificent Ancient Chinese jade Bi Disks, used in the Dropa hoax.
  • What is jade, and why were (and still are) the Chinese obsessed with it?
  • Symbols found on 7000-year-old pottery offers clues to the origin of Chinese characters.
  • The Cassini space probe has sent back stunning images of Saturn’s moons and rings.
  • Not to be outdone, the new Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has relayed spectacular images of the martian surface.
  • A fresh look at the mid-1990s controversy of the Martian meteorite many claimed to contain evidence of life.
  • Are we living in the End Times? An overview of apocalyptic predictions.
  • Michael Jackson has slammed reports he is desperate to meet an extraterrestrial, but he would like to share a bed Noddy-and-Big-Ears-style with Spielberg’s ET.
  • A New Interpretation of Psi Phenomena — an excerpt from Renee Haynes’s The Hidden Springs: An Enquiry Into Extra-Sensory Perception (Amazon US or UK).
  • A group of researchers conducted a scientific study of the prayer healing phenomena, and received mixed and controversial results.
  • The Other Side Of Truth’s Paul Kimball talks about J. Allen Hynek vs. The Psychics, and links to a classic 1977 tv appearance.
  • A review of Ray Kurzwell’s The Singularity is Near (Amazon US or UK). I’ll be going on 78, but better late than never.
  • Why was Michael Scott, the wizard who tutored the Pope, condemned to eternal torment in Dante’s eighth circle of hell? Don’t panic Mike, there’ll be plenty of TDG regulars to keep you company, including yours truly.

Quote of the Day:

“The next, who is so slender in the flanks,
Was Michael Scott, who of a verity
Of magical illusions knew the game”

The Divine Comedy, Inferno, canto XX

  1. Leprechaun
    The leprechaun story was a great way to start my week. That story couldn’t have been told or written. It’s nothing without the video. Maybe I should try reading a Harry Potter book or seeing the movies if they are that hilarious. Thanks.


  2. Heaven, Hell and Leprechauns
    Actually Rico, I rarely panic. I have my copy of the “Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy”, my towel and many friends and acquaintenances including, as you noted, several from “The Daily Grail” but thank you for the kind thoughts.

    Thank you also for the “Leprechaun” video; it was a good chuckle. Sorry to hear your Potter book went up in flames. They tend to do that now and again.

    Michael Scott
    An Fhírinne in aghaidh an tSaoil

    1. there used to be a test
      on the net, a Q and A thing that would determine what level of hell you would be going to.I was going to the 7th level.
      Anyone coming with?


      1. Delighted to join you
        Shadows, I get off on the 8th floor but would be honored to share the ride down with you.

        Michael Scott
        An Fhírinne in aghaidh an tSaoil

  3. Pre-Columbus map
    Why would dating the map to 1763 prove that it was copied from a 1418 map? One still has to rely on the truthfulness of the statement made by the Chinese cartographer.


    1. oh Bill
      Do you not know that the Chinese invented and discovered Everything, and then forgot about it, because it was not important?

      What I find much more interesting is how the original Australians discovered the place. And along similar lines, how the real first immigrants to the Americas got there. And why they dissapeared.

      But yes, a 1763 map may well have been copied from other maps, from different sailors before that time. The Portuguese had been in the area for a long time before 1763.

  4. Leprechaun vs. Charlie Sheen
    Have we got a video of Charlie Sheen commenting, in all seriousness, on his 9-11 conspiracy theory? That might give the leprechaun a run for his money.


      1. Or, more likely, a Clurichaun?
        Rico, you might be on to something. I’ll admit that the witness’ drawing bore a mighty resemblence to Charlie Sheen. So it might well have been Mr. Sheen in the tree.

        On the other hand, as far a 9/11 is concerned, leprechauns don’t tend to speculate much on human affairs (at least not the ones I know). The last time I spoke with King Brian, he was still trying to sort out the 4 July 1776 incident.

        Finally, Mr. Sheen’s reported behavior is more in keeping with that of a Clurichaun. I wouldn’t want to be the one to confuse the two. Leprechauns tend to get a wee bit testy over that sort of thing.

        Who knows? Maybe Charlie Sheen is the current Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. That would explain a lot.

        Michael Scott
        An Fhírinne in aghaidh an tSaoil

  5. Mice testicles?
    Anyone we know?

    I don’t have speakers on my computer at present so could someone please tell me what was so funny about the leprechaun.

    I am sure there is an animal or humanoid out there that people keep seeing, on just about every continent.
    I saw a TV program last night about one in the southern states of the US.They call it a skanky ape or something like that, can’t remember the name.
    There was a video of it and some excellent pics.I’m convinced.
    And as our Ruby knows there are definitely the yowies in Oz.

    Rick, where do you get all these links?They are terrific.I don’t have to surf the net, I just sit here an it is all delivered to my computer.


    1. Re: Mice testicles?
      [quote=the shadow]
      Rick, where do you get all these links?[/quote]

      Google is my friend. ^_^

      I learned how to make use of advanced search functions in a Research & Writers class in my writing course seven years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it. It makes a huge difference. And a leprechaun helps me out too.

      1. The Leprechaun
        That was only Tom O’Flannagen from the black Irish clan fooling round again.

        He gets lost now and again when he’s out fishing. Not to worry.

        The drawing was a good likeness you know, recognized him right off I did.

        A brain on drugs is a terrible thing to waste

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