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Rest your trigger on my finger…

  • What’s strange on the west coast of the U.S.? There’s a good chance you’ll find out in Weird California (Amazon US). Did Bill Hicks know more than he was letting on about the lizard people of Los Angeles?
  • The Economist predicts the Singularity will occur in 9 years, based on the hyperbolic rate of increase in the number of blades on razors. Not only will we be god-like, but we’ll be cleanshaven.
  • Monk’s death linked to The Da Vinci Code? No, his name is not Silas.
  • Californian UFO sightings turn out to be big boys’ toys.
  • Was Einstein wrong about space travel and relativity?
  • The gods of cosmology ask questions that can’t be answered.
  • Tiny Greek island prepares for solar eclipse invasion.
  • A short review of Will Storr vs the Supernatural (Amazon US and UK).
  • Girls just want to talk to the dead. Cyndi Lauper says she’s psychic.
  • The Buddha Boy. He’s here, he’s gone, he’s here.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury says Creationism should not be taught in schools.
  • Revisiting that Martian meteorite.
  • And revisiting those Martian gullies carved by water – perhaps not.
  • New Mars Orbiter is ready for action.
  • Space tourism lures rising number of U.S. entrepreneurs.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that necessity is not the mother of invention. Killing is.
  • Is the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker a living bird, or just a haunting memory? The debate continues.
  • Experts say Carolina mystery beast is a rare, abnormal fox (with photo). Next they’ll be saying Nessie’s an elephant….
  • Is the grouping of plants in species simply an exercise in convenience, or a viable scientific activity?
  • BoingBoing has a cool link to a 1972 documentary about the Arpanet’s early work on the thing we like to call the intarweb.
  • San Francisco to turn dog poop into biofuel.
  • Oetzi the Iceman’s murder recorded on an ancient stone? Grissom’s eyebrows raise…
  • Appeals court overturns Nevada petroglyph theft conviction.
  • Should the proposed M3 motorway in Ireland be rerouted, to let their High Kings sleep in peace?
  • It’s all civilised in Afghanistan since the Taliban were evicted. Men don’t have to have beards, women don’t have to wear veils. Just don’t convert to Christianity.

Quote of the Day:

Los Angeles, every day, hot and sunny…and they love it. “Isn’t great, every day, hot and sunny?” What are you, a f**king lizard? Only reptiles feel that way about this kind of weather. I’m a mammal, I can afford coats, scarves, cappuccino and rosy cheeked women.

Bill Hicks