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Make sure you check out Scott Reeder’s great solo album Tunnelvision Brilliance…its been getting some serious time in my CD player. You can even pick up a signed copy very cheaply at the Butcher webshop.

  • The report is in from the first day of the Da Vinci copying case. More from The Times.
  • NASA prepares to take the next step in Mars exploration. Neil Armstrong set to sue NASA for copying his small step, originally done 37 years ago.
  • German scientists decipher the meaning of the Nebra Sky Disk.
  • Is our Universe about to be mangled by another larger universe? Some Sunday mornings feel like that already.
  • MI6 pays out over secret LSD mind control tests.
  • The soon-to-be published Gospel of Judas is a cause for concern to some Catholic theologians.
  • Bigfoot video enhancements reveal creature to be human. A very un-scientific deconstruction, based on opinion and ignoring everything but the one film.
  • Lake monster investigator Jacques Boisvert has passed away. An obituary from Loren Coleman.
  • A TV full of Welsh monsters.
  • Erich von Däniken is way out there.
  • All that bad news on the television? It’s good in a way…because here come’s the rapture. How can I get a desktop rapture index, just so I know when it’s imminent?
  • J. Craig Venter – he might change the world. And so might all of us…
  • Enzyme computer lives inside you.
  • Nano-business tells Congress: this isn’t the new asbestos.
  • Blondes have had more fun since the last Ice Age. Not sure about saying humans ‘evolved’ a trait though…that almost sounds Lamarckian. God – or Darwin – forbid!
  • Historian wants to push human history back 100,000 years.
  • History Channel investigates a new theory about the sinking of the Titanic.
  • Kennewick Man yields more secrets.
  • Meanwhile, the Yakama tribe just seeks peace over Mr Kennewick.
  • Ancient maps to go online.
  • More on the ancient Sun Temple discovered in Cairo, with statues of Ramses II.
  • Dr Jesse Bering looks at the cognitive psychology of belief in the supernatural. An abstract, full text is for subscribers only.
  • Science fiction writer Octavia Butler passes away, aged 58.
  • US military opts for space mirrors instead of space lasers. I’ve never met a vain satellite.
  • Meet The Cormorant, the U.S. Navy’s autonomous aircraft which starts and ends its mission 150 feet below the ocean surface.
  • The Tower of London’s famous ravens have been moved inside due to bird flu fears. Ravens today, they just aren’t as bad-ass as they used to be…
  • Noah’s Ark on the Moon. No, not the latest alternative archaeology book – just some forward thinking from Astrobiology Magazine.
  • It came from outer space. A review of Kathy Sawyer’s The Rock from Mars (Amazon US and UK).
  • Half of the American presidents from 1789 to 1974 suffered from a mental illness. Looking at 1974-2006, I’d say not much has changed…
  • Autistic teen becomes a basketball hero in a scene that would make Hollywood proud. Crooks and Liars has the video (well worth watching).
  • And to frame today’s news: The Da Vinci Code made into a porn parody as The Da Vinci Load.

Quote of the Day:

Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copy from two, it’s research.

John Milton